In all we do, we are building a generation of change agents, made up of peers, students, pastors and alumni committed to shaping equitable pathways to a purposed filled and successful life.

Our approach in obtaining these goals have been achieved through fostering our S.M.A.R.T program, which are:
Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Reachable - Timed ...highly interlaced with these goals, are Education, Health,Sports Activities and Safety... These are the key cornerstone tools offered to guide each participant.

The Rising Stars students that have emerged from our program are now self-sustaining hard working adults. Most have completed higher education or some type of certificate program.

Current students are over coming barriers and sustaining high academic grade point averages, not so much because of our impact, but the tools we provide as mentors, the encouragement we consistently give - inspiring the young mind to challenge themselves and never be bound by the socieoeconomical low to moderate disadvantages many face.  The goal is to Rise above any challenge!

Many students, as-well-as adults, may often find themselves in the fight of their lives through so many social economic pitfalls, despairing barriers due to the lack of education, housing, healthcare, career and basic needs. Our goal is to remain as a positive entity, to assist, guide, and set ecomaps or life plaans that are obtainable for future and life long success. We are a village of GateKeepers, and that means, checking in and holding each other accountable to the process.

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