Our vision is to empower YOUTH and families, especially those that reside in historically underrepresented low-income areas with tools necessary to rise above any barriers or challenges life will offer.  Providing fair treatment,access to opportunities, teaching them to remain positive,  to work hard to achieve any set goal,  and be active in their community.  OSC provides an organization involving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the community, staff and volunteers.
The heart of our core values are essential to the connections we will build.   They are:  Respect, Compassion, Accountability, Community Involvement, Excellence, Balance work/life, Integrity, Conflict Resolution, Positive Attitude, Loyalty, Sustainability, Creativity and Servant Leadership
OSC Inc., uses website email information to better target our marketing efforts. Donations are made through website and credit card information is not stored. No information is shared with third parties or an affiliated partner. This policy will be updated periodically. You can opt out of future communications at any time

  • Group skills – team oriented, will prioritize the boards, organization and members best interest over individual priorities related to the nonprofit
  • Interpersonal skills – good communications skills , relationship building, has elements of social power(personal, expert and positional)positive reputation(legitimacy to members and public)
  • Personal leadership skills- provides innovative leadership, creativity, ability to make new ideas possible
  • Technical skills – IT skills, marketing, branding for NPO's
  • Strong Character - Personal attributes that enhance our brand , emotionally invested, have a moral turpitude(such as NO ACTS OF: social injustice, immorality, criminal, alcoholism, drug use or other) that will tarnish or have the  potential to tarnish the nonprofits name and core values