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Cost includes 1 6ft table/ 1 Black Table Covering/ 2Chairs/ First come Placements and 1 Luncheon Ticket *Please Read the Extra Description before Reserving your Pop Up Shop! No Refunds!

  • Category: VENDOR Payment



Out of stock


  • Cost includes 1 table for 1 Vendor Only Luncheon Ticket

  • Vendors are not allowed to have multiple Pop Up Shops at the Table.  You will need to book additional tables.

  • You must provide an email of what you are selling. Submit to:  ohioscinc@gmail.com c/o PopUP
  • A contract will be emailed.  You will then be allowed to reserve your Pop Up Shop on our portal.   Please do not reserve a table before then.  There are No Refunds!
  • You must have enough coverage for your table while you attend the event.  Your staff will need to purchase a separate ticket to eat!  No exceptions
  • Deadline is April 23rd, 2024